Pictorial: 18 Ways to Dress Your Fashion Show Runway

Have you ever seen a stage designed just for shoes and handbags? How about a zig-zag runway, or a runway in the round? Take a look at our pictorial of fashion events at Mitchells – Richards, The Mall at Chestnut Hill, Bloomingdale’s, Evergreen Walk, etc. and see how your fashion show can really “set the stage” for your event.



Custom Draping Focuses on Shoes and Handbags

(Mitchells – Richards)

Fashion Discussion Set-Up (Bloomingdale’s)

Rimmed with Candles (Mitchells – Richards)

Oblong Runway (The Mall at Chestnut Hill)

T-Shaped Stage Over Large Circular Planter

(The Mall at Chestnut Hill)

U-Shaped Stage (Mitchells – Richards)

Long Traditional Runway (Brunswick School)

Traditional Wide Runway in Tent (Evergreen Walk)

Zig-Zag Runway (Near & Far Aid)

One of Several Platforms (Mitchells – Richards)

Wide Runway with 3-Part Backdrop

(South Shore Plaza, Braintree MA)

Pre-Event Showcase (Filene’s)

Unique Configuration with Center Audience (Filene’s)

Custom Backdrop (The Mall at Chestnut Hill)

Small Runway (Bloomingdale’s)

U-Shaped Runway with Dance Floor (Filene’s)

Risers for Stationary Models (Tory Burch)

Large T-Shaped Stage (Breast Cancer Alliance)

This is just a sampling of your options for runways and stages for fashion events. If you are thinking of having a fashion show, feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation. We’ve “been there, done that” and will be happy to work with you to discover what suits your needs.

Contact us at 860-528-1343 or email events@eventresources.com.




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