20 Ways to Use Video at Your Next Event


20 Ways to use event video

Use video to attract, engage and encourage more attendance.

Video is hot. Very hot. Most people would rather click on a video than look at a still photo. Just look at Facebook and Instagram and see there are as many videos posted as still photos!

When it comes to events, the difference is overwhelming. Instead of static images, you can distribute videos through multiple channels, including on the event website, through the host’s social networks (with the event hashtag), and on a dedicated YouTube channel. For marketing purposes, the videos should be short, ideally no more than a minute. There’s a level of expectation that shorter is better because we’re so used to it in social media.

Below are some ideas gathered from a few different sources that provide a checklist of what you can do with your video content, before, during, and after events. They cross the gamut from conferences to expos to speaker presentations, but all the ideas can be applied to any size event.





Before the Event

  • As part of your contract with speakers, ask them to create a video promoting their presentations or allow you to do so.
  • Preview key topics that will be covered so attendees can start to prepare and develop questions.
  • Interview the event host about what’s new and interesting about this year’s event.
  • Ask your venue if it has a video you can use to familiarize attendees with the event facility and the amenities.
  • If guests are coming from out of town, ask the convention and visitors bureau if there is a video about the city, local attractions, and other important information.
  • Create a video showing a preview of the event entertainment.
  • Provide informational videos on how to register, how to use the transportation system, and other helpful topics,
  • For first-time attendees, create videos that educate the audience on industry topics Or better yet, send them videos full of tactics specific to the event. For instance:
    • How to get the most out of this year’s Expo
    • The insider’s guide to navigating exhibit halls
    • 5 Tips for networking at this year’s conference

During the Event

  • Share highlights of educational sessions and use them as a future promotional tool to get those who weren’t able to attend excited, so they will attend next year. Interview attendees on what they are enjoying and learning at the event. Create videos showing interesting exhibits and products. Create videos at the networking and social events.
  • Produce a highlight video of the entire event that can be shown at the closing session. Encourage attendees to create videos that show how they are experiencing the event and to share them on social networks with the event hashtag. Consider capturing longer-form content such as entire educational sessions and in-depth interviews that can be used in various ways after the event ends.
  • At trade shows, interviewing guests via short video snippets can be lead generation tactic that guides people to your booth. Ask each person you stop three questions:
    • What is your favorite booth, technology, or idea that you’ve found so far?
    • What are you looking to accomplish/solve/find at the expo this year?
    • What is your biggest problem in your business right now?
  • Different from the interviews/testimonials mentioned above, get quick sound bites specifically about your organization to use later on your site and YouTube channel. If you have customers that you know will be attending, schedule shoot times with them to come by your booth and record a testimonial.
  • For folks who aren’t customers, you can get a testimonial from them about a presentation that you give in your booth or what they think of the product you’re offering.
  • Live video stream your presentation, demonstration or interviews, so people who couldn’t attend the event in person can experience it live along with everyone else.
  • When creating your PowerPoint presentation, used animations in the slides (making slides fly off the screen, fades, zooms, etc.) that addes movement much like a video, instead of a static slide.

After an Event

  • Review survey results to determine if attendees had questions they wanted answered or requests for additional information that could be shared with a video. People get frustrated when they submit questions and nobody acts upon them. So you can go back to a speaker with the missed questions and record 20 minutes to help fill in the blanks.
  • Develop a plan to share videos from the event—highlights of educational sessions and social events or interviews with presenters and attendees—periodically throughout the year to keep people engaged. As you develop plans for the next event, share previews in videos.
  • Share your videos with the event organization, especially if this is an event you plan on attending again. Let them know that they are free to use and share any of it, if it helps them get more attendees next year.
  • Take snippets from your interviews, re-edit them and create a video specifically promoting the event. This will get you a lot of mileage and special consideration at the following year’s event and will again establish you as a leader in the industry if the event organization itself is sharing your branded videos.
  • Save the live stream recording and post on your website, social media, and use for next year’s promotion or archival purposes.








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