25 Ways Speakers Can Help Promote Your Events

There are many zero-budget ways speakers can add value to your next event and make you (and your event) look like a rock star! Take a look at this list—then ask your speakers how they would like to help you promote your event.

Before the event, ask your speakers to:

  1. Add the event details and a link to your event’s agenda on their website.
  2. Update their e-mail signature to include a link to your event registration page.
  3. Promote your event on their social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TripIt.
  4. Request that they include your event hashtag in tweets before the event.
  5. In addition to posting the event on their LinkedIn account, ask them to invite key connections to the event.
  6. Include the name of your event in voicemail messages.
  7. Include information about your event in their blog posts, including a profile of the event with links to registration.
  8. Post regular status updates on Facebook, including a link for more information.
  9. Mention your event in radio interviews.
  10. Share details about your event at book signings.
  11. Include event information in e-zines and newsletters.
  12. Add information to www.tripit.com to advise other clients of the event as the reason for their travel.
  13. Personally invite other clients to attend your event so they also can watch your speaker present.
  14. Create a personalized e-mail blast for clients who would benefit from networking opportunities at your event.
  15. Create a short video of the benefits of attending the event and post it to YouTube, your website, and other social media profiles.
  16. Request that their publicists or social media teams create press releases and social media posts to share with contacts.
  17. Provide a press kit to share with any media connections covering your event.

During the event, ask them to:

  1. Leverage tools including www.hootsuite.com to pre-schedule tweets and posts your attendees can share.
  2. Post photos they take with your guests at the event, along with your event hashtag, in their social media profiles.
  3. Be available to speak with and record videos for press during the event.
  4. Collect video testimonials from attendees, which they then can post to YouTube and provide to other planners for future events.

After the event, ask them to:

  1. Share testimonials from you with other clients to promote the event for future years.
  2. Blog about the success of your event, and publish the post to their site and social media platforms.
  3. Create a video that summarizes the event, along with a few points from their keynote, that you can share in followup marketing activities.
  4. Share articles/blogs mentioning your event with you so you can publish them on your websites and include them in your followup marketing efforts.

The list of possible promotional activities is endless; use your imagination! And next time you book your speaker, include this question: “How can you help us promote this event?” Brainstorming ways they can help you market your show will increase the value of the partnership by providing low-cost solutions to help you attract more attendees and help them extend their own branding.






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