5 Easy Ways to Green Up Your Next Meeting




Did you know the London Olympics generated 3.4 million tons of CO2 emissions which requires 6,800,000 trees to be planted to replace the damage caused to the environment? *

Here are 5 easy ways you can shrink your event’s ecological footprint and reduce the impact on the environment, courtesy of the Event Planners Association.


Water Preservation

The Green Meetings Council estimates $12,000 can be saved when water is served in pitchers instead of water bottles during a three day conference.


Eat Healthy

Request, organic, locally grown food.


Hug a Tree

Provide attendees with USBs already loaded with materials. If you can’t go electronic, print 2-sided handouts on recycled paper.



Buy premiums made from recycled materials. Or try consumable giveaways such as gift cards.


Save on Shipping

Pad-wrap your shipments instead of using heavy crates. It will reduce your shipping costs as well as your carbon footprint.


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*Source: http://www.ways2gogreenblog.com



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