8 Easy Ways to Use Mobile Texting Before, During and After an Event

BizBash and EventBrite, two special event organizations, recently held a webinar on Mobile Engagement.  The world of mobile applications now includes RFID, social networking applications and lead retrieval systems.  It’s an evolving technology with thousands of programs and applications.  So much information you’d need a book to sort through it all. What’s important for event pros are ways to use mobile technology to your advantage without having to be technology savvy.  Here’s what you can easily do with mobile texting before, during and after an event to engage with your guests.



1.  Online invitations should be responsive (able to be easily viewed on a mobile phone) with a link to an RSVP page.

2.  Require a mobile number on RSVP forms to send specific texts and alerts about the event.

3.  Send last minute event updates and notifications, such as directions, parking information, traffic tie-ups, etc.



4.  Display live information and videos of auction items.

5.  Provide simple and clear calls-to-action to drive fundraising.

6.  Ask attendees to tweet and post pics and comments on Facebook and other social media.



7. Send a thank you note with links to pictures and video highlights.

8. Send a recap message to people who couldn’t attend.


Now you have created several new touch points with your guests to drive engagement, make them feel special, and spread enthusiasm throughout the event.



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