A Hot Fundraiser for the Cold Winter

Movie nights are great fundraisers, particularly for families and children. It fosters a bonding experience and at the same time, teaches valuable lessons and values.  Here’s what you do to set one up:

•    All you need is a large movie screen, a laptop and a sound system. (Just call Event Resources.  We have screens of all sizes, as well as the projection and sound equipment.  For one fee an entire movie package can be delivered, set up and removed so you can focus on fundraising.)

•    Publicize movie events in local newspapers, community websites, school bulletin boards, newsletters, websites, posters and bulletin boards around the community; and local parenting magazines

•    You are LEGALLY REQUIRED to get permission before using movies for fundraising. (Hint: Get a grant for the fee if possible.)  To book a movie for public showing, contact an independent broker who will provide the movie and charge a fee for the process.

•    Sell admission tickets, popcorn, snacks, beverages and raffle tickets.

For more information, contact these independent film brokers or your local movie theaters.  They can provide you with a list of available movies, trailers and tips on how to use movies for your fundraising efforts.

•    Kit Parker Films – Shorts, serials, and old features. RKO, Janus, indies, others.

•    Swank Motion Pictures – Paramount, Buena Vista/Disney/Touchstone, Warner Bros., Universal, Sony/Columbia/Tristar/Triumph, MGM/UA, Miramax, Live Entertainment

•    Criterion Pictures – 20th Century, New Line/Fine Line Features

•    October Films – Arthouse and indie distributor


Source: http://www.fundsraiser.com/jun00/fundraising-idea-of-the-month-movie-nights.html


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