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Local Connecticut Organizations Live Stream Their Events to Extend Their Audience and Bring Them Closer Together

Ever have an event where you don’t have enough room for everyone who wants to attend?  Sounds like a nice problem to have, unless you’re hosting a sold-out school recital and Grandma and Grandpa can’t get seats. What about relatives that can’t attend in person because they live out of state? Or perhaps you’re planning a business meeting that’s of value to employees in remote offices – but its cost prohibitive for everyone to travel to company headquarters.

Fast forward to live video streaming:  using the power of a video camera and the Internet to broadcast your event live, in high definition, to  computers and mobile devices.

Just think of the possibilities: out of state relatives, even soldiers overseas, viewing school graduations, or business travelers and companies’ remote offices simultaneously seeing the CEO’s address.   The best part is the reasonable cost, especially if you already have a robust Internet connection in place.

Local Hartford-area groups are already employing the benefits of live streaming.  Below is a short list of several of these savvy Connecticut organizations, with a description and link to their 2013 live streamed event (now recorded and available online).





American College of Surgeons delivered eight conference and panel discussions across the U.S. regarding new practices and challenges in the medical field. The Connecticut event, held at the State Capital Building, was live streamed for doctors and other healthcare professionals.





Connecticut-Israel Technology Summit
The 2013 summit focused on building partnerships between Israeli and Connecticut companies. The organizer’s goal was to encourage Israeli companies to locate their U.S. offices in Connecticut and to assist existing businesses in the state in partnering with Israeli technology companies. Four companies were also recognized for successfully forming partnerships.






Miss Porters School Graduation
Schools are a mecca for once in a lifetime events such as student and sports awards, graduations and reunions. Now students, graduates, teachers and family members, no matter where they live, can share in the excitement and joy of these milestones.







Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame
The Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame 2013 Induction Ceremony hosted over 800 of Connecticut’s civic, corporate and government leaders to honor the achievements of exceptional Connecticut women. It was also live streamed so others can be inspired by these exceptional role models.

See how live streaming can extend your audience and bring your event to the next level. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain how live streaming works and if it’s possible for your next event.   860.528.1343 or email events@eventresources.com





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