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September/October 2018

How to you keep your audience engaged? Click to learn 5 tips to creating a captivated audience

Southern California is a region dominated by the entertainment and events industry. What inspiration can you pull from this list of “California’s Top 100 Events”?

Chefs and Planners weigh in on 2018’s F&B trends. What’s HOT and what’s NOT?

A month-long celebration kicked off on June 1! What festivals will you be attending to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month?

WOW! Almost 30,000 weddings are planned for this weekend – apparently it’s the most popular weekend to get married in 2018, mostly due to the unique significance of the palindrome date 8-18-18. To help celebrate, Americans will contribute about $1 Billion to the Events Industry! Find out more interesting stats about this weekend’s weddings here!

Some of us may have heard the term “Hurricane Party“, but have you ever attended one? In Charleston, SC, bar owners are hoping to keep morale high and the drinks flowing, even as Hurricane Florence knocks on the door.  Learn more here about what most people would think is a crazy tradition!

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the opening of the new MGM Hotel and Casino in Springfield. Did you attend their Grand Opening last weekend? Dine at Wahlburger’s, perhaps? or drop some dough at a Craps table? Here’s some positive info on how the impact of this new adult playground is reviving Springfield!

BizBash Florida happened last month and of the MANY things discussed, Industry Professionals want to tell you about 5 Tips for Better Events.

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