This is definitely an interesting form of entertainment to have at your next event. Combine the return of the 80’s favorite toy, Rubik’s Cube, with the desire to see art created before one’s eyes, and you’ll get the perfect add-on to your next event!
  Meeting planners and organizers often ask, “Where do I start?” when it comes to developing a risk management strategy. The key is to adapt a proactive risk mitigation approach that utilizes practices designed to prevent or minimize disruptions and crises before they happen.

Following are 10 tips for a risk management strategy that puts attendee safety first and meets the four duty of care standards: investigate, inform, recommend and prepare.

Whether your team prefers to bond over evening cocktails or a heart-racing high ropes course, The National offers over 20 creative teambuilding programs that will bring your group together. From wine tasting, to paint nights, find out what may make your team bond more closely!
  Our most-ever clicked-on article is a timeless read. Have you ever wondered how to properly display the American Flag? Today is Flag Day, so what better day to share this out again?

How to Properly Display the American Flag

How to Make Sponsors Happy and Other Smart Strategies for Event Pros – Speakers at BizBash Live: Florida share strategies for integrating sponsors into a trade show, thinking about attendee engagement, and growing an event business. Click here to learn more!

  Organizing a successful event is a tough and time-consuming task – finding the right venue, reaching agreements with suppliers, and ensuring that your event reaches its attendance goals are all things that will likely take a lot of your time.

However, even though all of the above are essential, it’s important not to miss smaller details that, if forgotten, could become a big problem once your event day comes along.

One of these details is taking care of the audio-visual, or AV equipment.

Many novice event planners don’t give the AV piece much attention and trust that the venue will provide with sufficient equipment. Find out how to avoid disappointment from a venue that doesn’t meet your requirements.

 Image result for fun at work Humor in the workplace certainly has it’s benefits. According to Bob Pike, author of The Fun Minute Manager, a fun work environment is one in which formal and informal activities occur regularly that are designed to uplift people’s spirits and remind people of their value to their managers, their organization, and to each other.

We at Event Resources definitely have our noses to the grindstone while planning your events, but we also know how to have fun too. What’s your favorite fun activity to do at work? Did it make this list

Spring Flowers and White Plates on Wooden Table A great way to start anew this Spring, is by designing mindful events inspired by the season as well as personal daily rituals of mindfulness for yourself and your attendees, according to Deb Gee, experiential design lead at Lululemon.

Gee said “Spring is a time to set the stage for the rest of the year ahead with intentions and a time for freshening and lightening up events after those long winter days.”

Click here to determine how to use Mother Nature as a springboard to weave the seasons into event design.

 Female Model Holding the Hypno Eye Selfie Ball Let’s face it, the traditional photo booth setup at events is getting stale. In an age when most of the attendees at your event have high-quality cameras in their pockets, you either have to create photo-worthy backdrops that entice social sharing … or you can try something compelling and new.

Have you heard about the The Hypno Eye? It is the world’s first “selfie ball.” Handheld, wireless and imminently engaging, the Hypno Eye is a fun and social way to capture and create branded video content instantly.  Is something you may have at your next event?

How do some events get better and better over time and never stagnate? What’s their secret to success? The secret is data analysis and adaptation to trends uncovered in the analysis.

When you capture the right data and analyze it correctly, you can:

  • Discover hidden trends
  • Uncover attendee behaviors
  • Determine preferences

Click here to learn more!

Report: The Most Common Food Restrictions—and How to Manage Them at Meetings

In a recent report, I.A.C.C. teamed up with the World Obesity Foundation to explore the most common dietary requirements for event and meeting attendees.  Have you had experience with managing the many food restrictions among your event guests?

One of the most impressive ways technology allows event planners to connect with their audiences is through audiovisual services and other design elements that can transform a venue. Savvy event planners are transforming spaces in indescribable ways using AV and other “magical” methods. Follow this link to discover: 12 Clever Ways AV Can Transform Your Event Venue.
If yours is an event where there are things to buy, there’s nothing more frustrating—for attendees and you—than a line snaking up to the ATM. The more time they stand in line, the less time they’re spending and enjoying your event. Setting up an event-wide cashless system is easier than you might think. Learn how Cashless Options Bring Big Money to Events.
Every industry has its deal breakers – those telltale signs that you should run away as fast as you can from a particular product, service or vendor.  Learn 10 Ways Event Planners Can Sniff Out a Bad Venue

Social media is key to drawing in clients and connecting with your audience, and can even aid in putting on a successful event.  Click here to learn how to get the most out of each social media platform!
Regardless of the type of event you are planning, it is always a good idea to start by putting together a budget. Of course, different types of events may have varied expenses, but here is a list of typical large expense categories that applies to most events, as well as a suggested percentage of the budget for each category.
At the ninth edition of the online video conference, brands such as Facebook, Twitter, MTV, and YouTube created eye-catching, interactive booths and lounges. Check out the use of color!
 Jaime Geffen of Geffen Events says it's important that V.I.P. lounges feel private, safe, and exclusive—without being too over-the-top. She previously helped create the V.I.P. arrivals tent at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards (pictured), which served as an extension of the red carpet.

Experts share their advice for keeping V.I.P.s secure and happy from airport pick-up to event check-in. Do these ideas align with your own?

  Trade shows and vendor fairs aren’t what they used to be. When pipe and drape won’t cut it, you may want to start thinking “outside the booth”



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