Big Changes are Coming to Laptops

New USB's are easy to use and will be universal.

New USB’s are easy to use and will be universal.

The idea of a laptop changing features is nothing new. It’s a constant evolution. Most of the time, these changes are noticed from when you are looking at your screen. Well, there is a new change coming and it’s not something you will notice on the screen. It is how you connect any cables.

Laptops are currently equipped with many different plugs on the sides and back. One plug is for your power cable, one plug is for a mouse, one plug is for a flash drive, one plug is for connecting to a projector, etc. This is changing. The new trend is to have one standard plug for all.  The way you use the plugs will be different too. Instead of your laptop having a lot of available plugs, now it may have only one or two. If all you are doing it plugging in your power cable or a flash drive, then you plug those in directly. If you need to plug in more things, you will have to buy a dongle. Yes, that is a real word. A dongle is just an adapter to basically split the one port into multiple ports. So you can plug the dongle into the laptop. Then plug your power, flash drive, and mouse into the dongle.

This change is really a USB upgrade. The USB port that we all us for flash drives, a mouse etc. is now improved to what is called USB-C. The USB-C plug is the new plug that the dongle plugs into.

But why?

USB-C has faster processing. If you do any video or photo editing, this port will process the footage faster. Also, it is reversible. How many times have you tried to plug in a USB cable and it’s upside down. Not anymore. The side doesn’t matter.
Two common questions that have been asked: Can you plug any USB cable into the USB port and how much is the dongle? No, you can’t plug any USB cable into the USB-C plug. You can buy a USB-C to USB dongle if needed.
Right now, the cost for the dongles are about $80.

For more information on this new technology twist, check out these videos:




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