Does live streaming increase or decrease face-to-face attendance?

Live video streaming of events has become an incredibly affordable way to reach a new audience. But there is a concern that streaming an event will decrease in person attendance. However, you’ll be pleased to know that the consensus seems to be that live streaming actually increases attendance at events. How so? Imagine watching your […]

Ask the Expert about two new mobile apps for live video streaming

What do you think about using the new mobile phone apps for live video streaming? Technology is great, isn’t it? It takes something that was once so big and complicated and reinvented it for use on your cell phone. In this case, there are two live streaming apps that are getting a lot of attention […]

Notice something different around here? That’s right — Event Resources has a new website!

We’re excited to unveil our new website featuring lots of event photo galleries. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly so you can browse Event Resources on-the-go. You asked. We listened. Your feedback was invaluable and this is only the beginning of the new resources we have planned for the site. Check it out!

Whenever we take a break during our conference, it’s tough to get everyone back in the room for the next session. Any suggestions on how to corral them?

Instead of running through the hallways asking conference attendees to re-assemble, one suggestion is to place a couple of speakers in the hallways. Then you can make announcements in a professional way which will be heard by the people gathered outside.

Big Changes are Coming to Laptops

The idea of a laptop changing features is nothing new. It’s a constant evolution. Most of the time, these changes are noticed from when you are looking at your screen. Well, there is a new change coming and it’s not something you will notice on the screen. It is how you connect any cables. Laptops […]

A 12 Point Checklist for a Perfect Tent Event

Tents are so popular during the warmer months that often times they are completely sold out! And no wonder.  Nothing beats an outdoor party with fresh air, sunshine (or moonshine if that’s the case).  And tents give you virtually unlimited possibilities for making it a truly unique experience. Of course, smaller tents are easy to […]

10 PPT Tips Used in a Real Life Presentation

    Here’s an actual presentation that incorporates the 10 PowerPoint tips (above) from TED’s in-house expert.

10 Tips for Better Slide Decks

Who knows more about getting an audience’s attention than TED? See if your PPT presentation passes muster.      

ASK THE EXPERT: Food is one of the greatest costs of any event, and is the most perishable. So what happens to all the leftover food after a banquet or other large event?

  The South Park Inn provides services to the homeless in Hartford and welcomes the food donations from The Society Room of Hartford.   I asked some of the local venues such as The Society Room of Hartford, The Riverview and Billings Forge about food donations, and found great news and acts of kindness you […]

12 Common A/V Mistakes

We’ve all been there: a small budget and big expectations for a spectacular event. The Audio/Visual services are important to an event, particularly if they support the focal point of the occasion. But poor sound leaves people straining to hear, choppy videos leave people disenchanted and an out-of-proportion PowerPoint presentation can be very hard to […]