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Recap of Cvent’s Recent Hartford Visit

Many of you may have heard of Cvent, a cloud-based enterprise event management platform with nearly 1,600 customers and 2,000 employees worldwide. They recently hosted a luncheon at ON24 in Hartford (one of their 900 meetings across the country) to discuss the event industry and how Cvent’s technology solutions are helping to re-shape it. For […]

Get Your Questions Answered About Event Management Software

How do your peers feel about event management software? Which event software products are the most popular? Which ones are the best fit for your industry? What can you expect to pay for event management software tools? Capterra, a free service that helps you find the right business software for your organization, conducted a survey […]

Our Own Stephanie Famiano Featured in a Commercial for the MS Society

Kudos to Event Resources’ Stephanie Famiano, Production Coordinator, for being selected to appear in a fantastic commercial for the National MS Society, Connecticut Action Network. We are so proud of her and all she does for the MS Society! Catch her television debut here! If you would like to help Stephanie on her quest to raise money […]

5 Reasons Why Charging Stations are a Must for Events

Really, who doesn’t get a little nervous when their phone isn’t charged?  The average person checks their phone 46 times a day, wearing down the battery. Renting a phone charging station for your next event is an absolute necessity and a much appreciated amenity for any guest.  Here are five reasons why charging stations are a […]

Congratulations to Laura Dinan Haber and Julie Daly Meehan

Congratulations to two highly respected members of the MetroHartford Alliance team, and our valued clients, who recently have been awarded honors for their work in the local community. Laura Dinan Haber, Director of Investor Events at MetroHartford Alliance, produces opportunities for community and business leaders to convene over progressive programming and networking opportunities. The “40 […]

I’m having a meeting abroad. Where are the best online sources of foreign destination information like travel warnings, strike announcements, security information, passport requirements, etc.?

For the big picture and ongoing updates, go to From there you can click to the websites of the individual countries U.S. Embassies for a broad range of information. For strike and other notices go to “Recent Embassy Notices” then click” Messages to U.S. Citizens”. You can also register in the consular section of […]

You Want To Do WHAT at Your Event?! Unusual Event Requests

Have an unusual event request?  Don’t worry, if we don’t have it, we’ll know where to find it. Here’s a sample of some unique requests we’ve fulfilled: For a Raiders of the Lost Ark theme we created a huge boulder out of a 6′ diameter beach ball to chase “Indiana Jones” around the stage. Projecting […]

Event Vendor Proposals: Are You Getting Prices For What You Really Need?

We get calls all the time from potential clients about “I need a sound system” or “I need a 10’ stage, or “I need an 8’ projection screen” and request a simple quote. Some A/V vendors are more than happy to do that, in fact, they have prices listed on their websites for different screens, […]

Ask the Expert: Now that it’s the time of year for outdoor parties, is there any kind of outdoor lighting that doesn’t attract bugs?

Next time you’re at the hardware store, take a look at a bug zapper. They are effective because they produce light in the UV and blue light spectrum that bugs can see and are attracted to. Bugs can barely, if at all, see light in the red spectrum. It follows that the warmer the color […]

Ask the Expert: Renting a video projector can range from $300 or more. How do I know I’m renting the right one?

The cost for a projector rental is based on few factors: How bright of an image do you need? The brightness of the projector is determined by the number of lumens, which is amount of light produced. The more lumens, the brighter the image, the more expensive the projector. Darker rooms don’t require as bright […]

25 Ways Speakers Can Help Promote Your Events

There are many zero-budget ways speakers can add value to your next event and make you (and your event) look like a rock star! Take a look at this list—then ask your speakers how they would like to help you promote your event. Before the event, ask your speakers to: Add the event details and […]

From $5,000 to $1,000! Find Out How One Speaker Calculates Their Final Fee

Find out how one speaker calculates her time and resources to generate a fair speaking fee. It gives you a perspective of what is important to them and what is negotiable. “When I speak at a conference, I am committing to spending time away from traditional client work to prep a talk, practice a talk, […]

Where to Find Speakers Who Will Speak for Free

For those of you in a budget crunch, there are some sources of free talent. For example, the State of Connecticut offers free speakers for insurance-related topics and also presenters from the Department of Consumer Protection, CT Department of Labor and the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. The Hartford Courant Speaker’s Bureau is also available […]

How Much Do Speakers Really Cost?

Speakers, as in keynote or celebrity (not the ones that emit sound) are a focal point at any event. Most events are centered around a speaker, so having a professional one that captivates the crowd is critical to the overall success of the event. So how do you find a great speaker? Personal referrals are […]

Get the inside scoop on Event Resources

Get the inside scoop on what’s it’s like to grow an event production company.  This article is from an interview with Arnold Berman by Susannah MacNeil of MetroHartford Alliance: Strategic Partner Profile: Event Resources, Inc. Recently we spoke with the Event Resources team about their 25 years in the event planning and production business and their […]

How long should a handicap ramp be when it’s attached to a stage?

It’s graduation season and this is a commonly-asked question from schools. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific guidelines for handicap ramps. The slope of the ramp shouldn’t exceed 4.8 degrees. Figure one linear foot of ramp for every 1” height in the stage. A 24” high stage would then require a 24’ foot […]

The Best SEO for Video

Now that you’re posting your fabulous event videos all over the Internet, you want them to be viewed by as many people as possible. For example, you should look for search terms in categories for which Google is more likely to deliver YouTube results. The categories are: How To – Review -Tutorial – Fitness or Sports […]

20 Ways to Use Video at Your Next Event

  Video is hot. Very hot. Most people would rather click on a video than look at a still photo. Just look at Facebook and Instagram and see there are as many videos posted as still photos! When it comes to events, the difference is overwhelming. Instead of static images, you can distribute videos through […]

Captivology: The Science of Getting Your Audience’s Attention

I recently listened to a great Podcast on How to Get Your Audience’s Attention by Ben Parr,  an award-winning journalist, author, entrepreneur and investor.  He cites how you can use psychological and neurological triggers to capture people’s attention because they are automatically attracted to certain sensory inputs: colors, sights smells, etc. For example, researchers in the […]

What is the difference between the new 4K Ultra HD, HD and LED projection?

Simply put, 4K Ultra HD is just a higher resolution; roughly four times higher than regular HD.  4K Ultra HD has 3840 x 2160 resolution and creates images that are crisper and capable of showing more details than HD (which is 1920 x 1080 resolution.) 4K Ultra projectors are still very new to the marketplace, […]

14 Insider Secrets to Stretching Your Event Production Budget

When first walking into an event, guests are wowed with the vibrant décor, pretty floral arrangements and fancy linens. When the lights go down though, and the program begins, the focus turns to the presenters. That’s when the event production details takes center stage. The crowd is naturally expecting crisp sound and flawless presentations that […]

Going Up: MPI Meetings Outlook Shows Inflation in Event Essentials

Budgets for events and meetings will be stressed by rising costs this year, according to the Winter Meetings Outlook from MPI (Meeting Professionals International). Here are the price hikes they expect during the next 12 months: Food & Beverage/Catering: 4.6 percent Audiovisual: 3.6 percent Air travel: 4.2 percent Room rates: 4.5 percent Meeting space: 3.3 […]

Step Aside Email! How Snail Mail Drove 3500 New Attendees to the PGA Show

Read how 20,000 pieces of snail mail boosted the PGA (Professional Golf Association) Merchandise Show’s attendance. “It was a tremendous hit because it broke through the clutter.” said Ed Several, senior vice president and general manager of P.G.A. Worldwide Golf Exhibitions.

How do I quiet down a big audience so we can start on time?

There were over 150 people talking (and not all were seated), at a recent Event Resources event. The featured speaker, David Adler, stood up and quieted down the audience in a matter of seconds. He raised his arms to left, and then swung them to the right, while saying “Shhhhhhhhhhhhh” through his wireless mic. It […]

Two Ways to Keep Your Presenter On Time and On Point

Now you can have your presenter use their iPad to manage their PPT presentation. They can hold their iPad to advance slides while walking among the audience. No need to keeping looking back at the screen to see where they are or asking the A/V technician to advance or go back to a slide. They […]

What’s the difference between a lectern and a podium?

  The difference between a lectern and a podium is easy.

LED Video Wall and Digital Signage Showcased at David Adler Event

  The show stopping LED Video Wall on stage was the central focus for the presentation: stunningly bright for the people sitting in the back, and clear as a bell for those sitting in the front row. The popularity of giant LED wall displays has increased among event planners as they have become more available […]

2016 Trends in Special Events – Now Available in Video

  If you missed Mr. Adler’s dynamic information, or would like to review it again (there were so many ideas it was hard to keep up!), his entire presentation has been divided into 15 short, easy to consume videos on YouTube.  Or click here to view individual segments: Introduction to New Special Event Trends Why […]

David Adler Shakes Up CT! #AdlerShakesUpCT

Infinity Hall was rocking January 20th, not from the traditional music they usually feature, but from a large gathering of movers and shakers in the area event industry. David Adler, CEO and Founder of BizBash, a “rock star of the event industry”, according to Dan Hincks, CEO of Infinity Hall, educated and inspired over 150 […]

I’ve seen many PowerPoint presentations when right in the middle of it, an email pops up on the screen. How do I avoid these mishaps to have my PPT run smoothly?

Great question! PowerPoint and video presentations are commonplace in today’s event world. However, there are still many “gotchas” that can disrupt the flow. If you are using the event production company’s laptop, they already have the laptops optimized for presentations so you don’t have to worry. Just send them the file ahead of time and […]

You’re Invited to a Special Event with David Adler

  Event Resources and Infinity Music Hall are excited to bring David Adler, CEO and Founder of BizBash to Hartford on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. As a nationally acclaimed expert on special events, he will present the New Special Event Trends in 2016 exclusively for event and meeting professionals. Engage with planners who share your […]

Innovative Modular Set Design Now Available for Your Next Special Event

    The stage of the Insurance Market Summit (above) showcased ‘disruption’ which was the theme of this year’s insurance conference in Hartford.  The innovative design was created by Event Resources using a new, modular stage set design system that produced a huge impact for this annual event. The original design concept was a stage […]

Welcome Beth Patrick and Jorden Howard

We’re pleased to introduce and welcome two new members of our team: Beth Patrick, Production Manager, and Jorden Howard, Event/Audio-Visual Technician.  Both have recently joined Event Resources and we’re thrilled to have them on board.   Elizabeth (“Beth”) Patrick has been immersed in the theatrical and events world for her entire career.   After receiving […]

Learning from “The Master” – Six Key Things Disney Does to Create A Successful Event

          Visitors wait in line at the Space Mountain attraction at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Disney has installed game stations along the way to entertain visitors while they wait.                 Credit Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel   There’s no disputing that Disney has a mastery of events. Recently Disney held an expo and […]

The Marketing Savvy Behind Outrageously Profitable Silent Auctions

                    Overhead signs group like items together and make it easy to shop, just like at a department store.   Recently Event Resources hosted a webinar viewing of “The Marketing Savvy Behind Outrageously Profitable Silent Nonprofit Auctions” by Red Apple Auctions.  Although it was 1-1/2 hours […]

Why is there such a concern if I use my own laptop for the PPT presentation?

Using your own laptop for a presentation is perfectly fine, if there is complete compatibility between the laptop and the video gear. For instance, the software settings on your laptop have to be set to coordinate with the switcher and/or projector. Secondly, every laptop has different types of hardware connections. And this is evolving every […]

Does live streaming increase or decrease face-to-face attendance?

Live video streaming of events has become an incredibly affordable way to reach a new audience. But there is a concern that streaming an event will decrease in person attendance. However, you’ll be pleased to know that the consensus seems to be that live streaming actually increases attendance at events. How so? Imagine watching your […]

Ask the Expert about two new mobile apps for live video streaming

What do you think about using the new mobile phone apps for live video streaming? Technology is great, isn’t it? It takes something that was once so big and complicated and reinvented it for use on your cell phone. In this case, there are two live streaming apps that are getting a lot of attention […]

Notice something different around here? That’s right — Event Resources has a new website!

We’re excited to unveil our new website featuring lots of event photo galleries. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly so you can browse Event Resources on-the-go. You asked. We listened. Your feedback was invaluable and this is only the beginning of the new resources we have planned for the site. Check it out!

Whenever we take a break during our conference, it’s tough to get everyone back in the room for the next session. Any suggestions on how to corral them?

Instead of running through the hallways asking conference attendees to re-assemble, one suggestion is to place a couple of speakers in the hallways. Then you can make announcements in a professional way which will be heard by the people gathered outside.

Big Changes are Coming to Laptops

The idea of a laptop changing features is nothing new. It’s a constant evolution. Most of the time, these changes are noticed from when you are looking at your screen. Well, there is a new change coming and it’s not something you will notice on the screen. It is how you connect any cables. Laptops […]

A 12 Point Checklist for a Perfect Tent Event

Tents are so popular during the warmer months that often times they are completely sold out! And no wonder.  Nothing beats an outdoor party with fresh air, sunshine (or moonshine if that’s the case).  And tents give you virtually unlimited possibilities for making it a truly unique experience. Of course, smaller tents are easy to […]

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