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Congratulations to Laura Dinan Haber and Julie Daly Meehan

Congratulations to two highly respected members of the MetroHartford Alliance team, and our valued clients, who recently have been awarded honors for their work in the local community. Laura Dinan Haber, Director of Investor Events at MetroHartford Alliance, produces opportunities for community and business leaders to convene over progressive programming and networking opportunities. The “40 […]

Event Vendor Proposals: Are You Getting Prices For What You Really Need?

We get calls all the time from potential clients about “I need a sound system” or “I need a 10’ stage, or “I need an 8’ projection screen” and request a simple quote. Some A/V vendors are more than happy to do that, in fact, they have prices listed on their websites for different screens, […]

From $5,000 to $1,000! Find Out How One Speaker Calculates Their Final Fee

Find out how one speaker calculates her time and resources to generate a fair speaking fee. It gives you a perspective of what is important to them and what is negotiable. “When I speak at a conference, I am committing to spending time away from traditional client work to prep a talk, practice a talk, […]

Get the inside scoop on Event Resources

Get the inside scoop on what’s it’s like to grow an event production company.  This article is from an interview with Arnold Berman by Susannah MacNeil of MetroHartford Alliance: Strategic Partner Profile: Event Resources, Inc. Recently we spoke with the Event Resources team about their 25 years in the event planning and production business and their […]

How long should a handicap ramp be when it’s attached to a stage?

It’s graduation season and this is a commonly-asked question from schools. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific guidelines for handicap ramps. The slope of the ramp shouldn’t exceed 4.8 degrees. Figure one linear foot of ramp for every 1” height in the stage. A 24” high stage would then require a 24’ foot […]

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