Why is there such a concern if I use my own laptop for the PPT presentation?

Using your own laptop for a presentation is perfectly fine, if there is complete compatibility between the laptop and the video gear. For instance, the software settings on your laptop have to be set to coordinate with the switcher and/or projector.

Secondly, every laptop has different types of hardware connections. And this is evolving every day. If your laptop has a connection that is different than what the switcher or projector requires, then we may not be able to plug it in. Most projectors and switchers will take either HDMI, DVI or VGA. Some laptops don’t have any of those, but there are converters available. Just give us a call and we’ll tell you the type of converter you need for your laptop.

If you don’t want to concern yourself with any of these issues, simply send the PPT and/or video files over to us a few days before the event. We’ll upload them onto one of our laptops, connect to the video gear and switcher, and check the presentation for fonts, spacing, smooth video play, etc. beforehand.

Before confirming you will use your own laptop, just call your event production company to discuss compatibility concerns to avoid any issues during setup. You’ll both be glad you did!



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