How do I know if an in-house sound system is adequate for my event?

We get this question a lot.  Most venues have some sort of sound system built into their room(s).  So the answer to “do you have a sound system?” is typically ‘yes!”.  However, if you are doing more than just public announcements, here are some questions you should ask to determine if the in-house sound system is adequate for your needs, or if you should inquire about using an outside vendor to supply the sound system.
•    Does the venue have enough wired and/or wireless microphones for your use? Not only should they have enough, but extras for backup.

•    What kind of content will you have? Some speakers are intended for speech, some for music.

•    How many speakers are in the room and where are they located? The correct number of speakers and where they are placed (in the ceiling or at ear level, for instance) will determine if everyone in the room with receive the same quality of audio, and if the placement fits with the content and acoustics.

•    Will there be a professional sound engineer on site for adjustments? Regulating the volume and clarity of sound between presentations, videos and speeches is crucial to a pleasant audience experience.

Download a free How To Guide on Sound Systems for an overview of what you should look for when ordering a system for your next event.  Or contact Event Resources at 860-528-1343 for free assessment of your needs.


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