How do I know that live streaming will work at my venue?

By Lee Simmons, Client Relationship Manager, Event Resources


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We all know how impactful the Internet has been in our lives. Now we can experience how impactful it can be for your events. Clients have told me many times that the room for their event only holds 200 people but they want to invite 300 people. Or, their event will want to be seen by people in different states or different countries. These are a few reasons why streaming your event on the web may be a good idea for you.

The concept is easy: camera + streaming device + software + Internet = live stream. All you need to do is share the web page link for people to view.

The key for successful live streaming is the speed of the Internet connection. This may sound silly to you, but the Internet connection for your event is regulated by a certain transmission speed. (This is the same as when you purchase an Internet connection for your home.) You’ll need at least 1.5 to 2 Megabytes of speed for a good video streaming signal. Keep in mind that if the venue has an Internet connection, they may charge you to use it based on a flat rate or on the speed you require.

One question I get asked a lot is “Why can’t we just use the free Wi-Fi from the venue?” Good question! Wi-Fi is still “plugging” into the Internet. Not physically but wirelessly. The Wi-Fi speed may be more than adequate for live streaming, but if your guests and staff are sharing this Wi-Fi signal for their laptops or mobile devices the speed of the Internet is slowed down, which affects the quality of the stream. Also, have you even been on a Wi-Fi signal with your mobile device and all of a sudden you lose the connection? We certainly do not want this to happen for your live streaming video.

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The best option is to utilize a dedicated hard wire line to the Internet that no one else can access. That way your live video stream
is the only traffic on the line.

If you have an interest in streaming your event live and having it available on-demand to watch 24/7, please reach out to us at 860-528-1343,, and we can discuss if it’s the right fit for your event and your venue. Or, click here for a free brochure on Live Streaming Services, or visit our Live Streaming Services Page.


Lee Simmons, Client Relationship Manager, Event Resources, Inc.

Lee comes to Event Resources with an extensive television production background. Previously he was with WGGB – ABC 40/FOX 6 where he served as a Newscast Director. Prior to WGGB, Lee was in commercial and Internet sales at local television stations. He started his career at WFSB as an engineer and Newscast Director. Lee is also currently an Adjunct Professor teaching Television Production courses at the University of Hartford.


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