How to Plan When Thunder and Lightning Is Expected During Your Event

Fortunately, with the latest cell phones, you can track inclement weather headed your way and be ready for it. Prepare as much as you can for bad weather during set up. The performers with their electric instruments are typically located on a stage under a tent. The sound board, usually next to the stage, is also under a tent, preferably with sidewalls. Most importantly,  electrical cords should be the “grounded” type and plugged into a Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) outlet. This protects against a power surge, which can damage not only instruments, but expensive sound systems.  Disconnect the electrical cords from their power source. Since most everything is covered by a tent, equipment is somewhat protected from the rain. Be cautious and cover what you can with plastic to protect speakers and the sound system. And watch out for winds!  If the tent isn’t staked, the wind can pick it up and blow it around.  Then seek shelter for yourself. A tent will not protect you from lightning, as the metal frame and center poles actually act as lightning rods.


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