Ideas From Our Executive Roundtable Event

A few times a year Event Resources holds an Executive Roundtable at our offices in East Hartford. Last week we hosted executives from area non profit organizations, who shared questions, concerns and ideas for their fundraising events. We thought we’d share one of the lively discussions with you today!

Topic: “We haven’t changed the format of our special event in years. What can I do to make it interesting and fresh?”

This is a common concern. After doing the same event for several years, it can become stale and predictable. Every event planner has this dilemma, so here are some suggestions that area non profits have actually done to boost their attendance.

Move the event from a weekend to a weekday. Many people can stop in after work for a few hours instead of on the weekend.

Instead of a two hour, four course dinner, go for a cocktail hour with hor’s dourves. There’s more variety of food, more time for networking, and people can come and go as they please.

Silent auctions take a lesson from eBay with “Buy It Now” options. A wider audience can view auction items on the web beforehand and start the contributions early.

Change the location. Move the event to your organization’s offices, a museum, or in one instance, an equestrian facility.  A different atmosphere peaks people’s attention and interest.

Of course, change is easier said than done. Think you’ll get push back from the planning committee? Try one little change at a time and see its effect. Even a small variation can increase awareness and curiosity.

If you’d like to attend a future Roundtable, send us an email at and we’ll add you to the invitation list!



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