Innovative Modular Set Design Now Available for Your Next Special Event


A new show stopping set design was recently created for the 2015 Insurance Market Summit, hosted by the Connecticut Insurance & Financial Services Cluster [CT IFS]. Using modular panels and creative lighting, the stage was transformed throughout the program and was a major hit with the audience.


The stage of the Insurance Market Summit (above) showcased ‘disruption’ which was the theme of this year’s insurance conference in Hartford.  The innovative design was created by Event Resources using a new, modular stage set design system that produced a huge impact for this annual event. The original design concept was a stage that portrayed creativity, energy, innovation, and how Connecticut’s insurance industry “isn’t afraid of disrupters, but owns them.”   According to Susan Winkler, Executive Director of the Connecticut Insurance & Financial Services Cluster [CT IFS], “What we envisioned, you brought not only to reality but you surpassed all of our expectations.  The show flow was equally flawless and I can say that the Insurance Capital rocked yesterday.“

The novel set design was made of molded 2’ x 2’ plastic squares that were attached to aluminum frames. Adding in creative lighting design and the entire stage was aglow from any angle.

This particular set design is the result of using an incredibly modular set of sculpted forms that can be completely customized with a 2D or 3D logo, mixing and matching various shapes as well as size configurations. The selected forms were first rendered online to provide a real world view of the complete stage design.


Infinite Variety of Design and Messages

The new, versatile modular set design includes other features you can’t miss:

There are many designs to choose from.  Designs can be rotated and mix-and-matched to achieve an unlimited number of looks.

Mix and match the shapes to create the look you choose.

Virtual renderings of your design can be quickly done to visually show you what the finished product will look like.

Forms are designed to be video mapped, quickly and easily. Using 3D models, an animators’ job is halfway done.  This makes complicated Video Mapping within reach for a much lower budget.

Any configuration is possible, including screen and monitor surrounds and columns archways.


If you’re looking for a new way to update the look and feel of your next event, the solution is here!  Just give us a call at 860-528-1343 or email to see how your next event can have new impact.


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