I’ve seen many PowerPoint presentations when right in the middle of it, an email pops up on the screen. How do I avoid these mishaps to have my PPT run smoothly?

Great question! PowerPoint and video presentations are commonplace in today’s event world. However, there are still many “gotchas” that can disrupt the flow. If you are using the event production company’s laptop, they already have the laptops optimized for presentations so you don’t have to worry. Just send them the file ahead of time and they will check it for screen size, fonts and graphics.

If you are using your own laptop, here’s a checklist of the settings you’ll need to address. And of course, test the presentation with the projection equipment beforehand to ensure everything is connected and works properly.

Laptop connections

Laptop connections should be either VGA, Mini Display or HDMI.

  • Laptop connection needs to be either VGA, Mini Display or HDMI.
  • Turn off all Pop Up notifications, including email.
  • Mute audio, unless needed for presentation.
  • Set all system updates, including Java, Adobe, Windows, etc., to Manual. (Not Auto.)
  • Power settings are set to NOT go into sleep mode.
  • Display settings are set to “Extend Display.
  • PowerPoint resolution set to 1366 x 768 or 16:9 for widescreen.
  • PowerPoint set to “Presentation Mode”.
  • Client logs into laptop or password protected documents needed.
  • Power cable is necessary on site.

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