How long should a handicap ramp be when it’s attached to a stage?

Event Handicap ramps

There are specific guidelines for installing handicap ramps to insure safety.

It’s graduation season and this is a commonly-asked question from schools. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific guidelines for handicap ramps. The slope of the ramp shouldn’t exceed 4.8 degrees. Figure one linear foot of ramp for every 1” height in the stage. A 24” high stage would then require a 24’ foot long ramp with a 5’ x 5’ platform at the top and bottom. Instead of one long ramp you can also create “turn platforms” if they are at least 5’ x 5’. In Connecticut the ramp must also be 36” wide with handrails that are 36” – 38” high. For graduations, many clients put a ramp on either side of the stage for a smooth transition from one side to the other with the specifications the same for both sides. This can take up a significant amount of space, so layout your floor plan accordingly.






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