Pay No Attention to the Men and Women Behind the Curtain

They’ve celebrated Miracles, EnvisionFest, the CT National Guard’s Leaving/Coming Home ceremonies,multiple Governor Inaugurals, Infinity Hall’s groundbreaking, many Galas, Concerts, Fashion Shows, and just about everything in between. Who are they? The Event Resources’ crew. A band of professionals whose job it is to translate equipment and cables to a magical special event.

When all the trucks are unloaded and the stage, sound and lights are set up just right, you’ll see the space take on a different feel: an enchanting theatrical theme, a Wild West town, or an executive press conference.

These Event Resources team members mix artistic, engineering and organizational skills with an ability to fit into virtually any organization’s culture–meaning they can speak video and sound engineering to busy meeting planners, organize the vast array of required resources, and hold their own among the executive speakers to do the one thing that Event Resources does best: provide first class event production services the first time and every time.

Most people don’t see them or hear them during the event, because they are working behind the scenes to ensure everything is going smoothly.  But they are there in the back, or the side, of the audience, behind the black draping, to ensure that your event continues effortlessly for the guests.

Our thanks go out to the crew: for their hard work and dedication to provide outstanding customer service no matter what comes their way during late night break downs, early morning set ups, or changes in plans or schedules. They make it happen!


Arnold Berman and Ed Woodward


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