Reenergize Your Gala or Special Event with These Ideas

To keep people and donors coming back year after year, create a fresh, bold approach to your next gala. or any special event.  It will renew their interest and provide a unique experience to share with other guests.  Here are some novel ways to bring people together and provide a unique experience, without taking anything away from your mission and messaging.

Time your event with national celebrations, such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day.  This gives people a chance to really celebrate the holiday, dressing up for a “Vampire’s Ball”, or going to a romantic setting with a significant other.

Sit down dinners are transforming into tailgating affairs, where guests tour various tasting stations while sipping on signature cocktails served by roaming waiters.  If you still want a sit down dinner, switch up the menu, ask the chef for new recommendations, or go for a “farm to table” theme which is very popular.

Try the new, dramatic 3-D mapping software that projects video on ceilings and/or walls, giving an entirely new atmosphere to any space.  (Check out how Event Resources used this technique for a spectacular stage presentation by clicking here.

Incorporate technology by using an app like BidPal to access automated mobile auction and payment processing services .  Guests find it very useful for monitoring coveted auction items.

Don’t want to wait for the auction?  The Saint Francis Foundation posts their auction items online before the event, with a “Buy It Now” option.  This kick starts the auction and the anticipation for their “Miracles” gala.

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