Event management resources to guide and inform you

The more tips and tricks you have in your bag, the more you’ll shine.


Years of special event history 25 Years of Special Event History
Event Resources’ contribution to special events in southern New England since 1989.


Case Studies

Mitchells Brings Pink Aid Fashion Show InternationalMitchells Brings Pink Aid Fashion Show International

Real world case study showcases benefit fashion show and video conferencing


Getting Your Special Event in the NewsSpecial Event resources

The media still prefer a good old press release to receive information.

Honor the FlagAmerican Flag
How to properly display the American Flag.


How to Guides

DraperySpecial Event Resources
The dramatic way to transform your event space from ordinary to stunning. Drapery can function as attractive wall dividers or coverings. Drapery can solve your room’s set-up dilemmas such as a space that is too large, unsightly or unworkable.

Event Layout and DesignEvent Room Layout and Design
How to choose the best space and the ideal way to set it up.


Special Event ResourcesGraphics
How to bring your event and your message to life.


Special event resourcesHow to Light Up Your Event
Create drama. Add elegance. Set the mood.


Event Management ResourcesStages
Rent the perfect stage for your event by asking these 5 questions.


Event Management ResourcesStand Out
Ideas for transforming your space to make it look like no one else’s.

Tent Event ResourcesTent Events
Tents can make a big impact but there’s a lot you need to know first.


Event Management ResourcesThe ABCs of Good Sound
Three tips for an awesome sound system rental.


Special Event VideoVideo Projection
How to visually connect your audiences with your messages and your mission.


Live Streaming Services

New! Live Streaming Video ServicesLive Video Production
The next best thing to being there.



Event Management ResourcesCertificate of Insurance – Explained
Quick Tips: Understanding the Acord Certificate of Insurance.


Event Budget WorksheetEvent Management Planning
An easy way to track your expenses.

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