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Oh!? You can do that with that?

Event Resources is always looking “outside the booth” for inspiration on how to utilize our gear in different and unique ways. Whether it’s pipe and drape, lighting, or other things; here are a few examples of what we can do for you at your next event!

CONFIDENCE MONITORS & TIMERS – Some seasoned presenters can grace a stage with total confidence without the help of any notes or outlines to help them remember what they are on stage to convey.  Most of us, however, may err on the side of caution, and opt for some “help” in the form of monitors.  There are a few options a presenter may choose from to boost their confidence, resulting in a smooth, focused presentation.

One option is a Confidence Monitor. This is a small screen, placed on the floor of the stage which shows the presentation TO THE PRESENTER. The monitor mirrors what the audience sees, so the presenter can stay on track and refer precisely to what the audience sees.

Another option is a Notes Monitor. This is also a small screen that is placed facing the presenter, on the floor of the stage. The information on the Notes Monitor may be a Powerpoint or simply some bullet points to help the presenter stay on track.

Another option is a Timer Monitor, which is usually used in conjunction with one of the other options. The Timer Monitor is exactly what it sounds like. The screen showcases the amount of time left in a presentation, helping the presenter deliver all of his or her information efficiently.



LIGHTING ACCENTS – Our team is always looking for ways to make events stand out and be one-of-a-kind, so we created these light boxes so your next event can shine! A whole room can be transformed from “blah” to “bling” with the flip of a switch. Use as few as one light box, or 26 of them! Stack them or line them up. With a little creativity, nothing is impossible!



STANCHIONS – Most often used to separate a crowd from an entryway, expensive art piece, or otherwise, stanchions aren’t always your typical chrome and red velvet. There are many varieties of stanchions, and we can help determine what will work best for your next event!

Stanchioning off the red carpet for entry into the Infinity Theater
These LED stanchions were quite eye catching at a Star Wars themed event
Red velvet stanchions holding back crowds from Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s race car
Black tensa-style stanchions make a path to a dramatic entryway
Red velvet stanchions protect this one-of-kind Pagani Huayra



TRUSS – Though used mainly for rigging, truss can be used in a variety of ways. Yes, you can suspend lighting, decor and other items from it, but it can be re-purposed as a dramatic entryway, projector stands and so much more!

Truss being used in the traditional method - as rigging for lighting and event props
Truss can be used as a projector stand or as a monitor stand
Truss being used as a set piece or banner display
Truss can be arranged to create a dramatic entryway
Truss being used as a display piece - offering treats to hungry event attendees



PIPE and DRAPE As a staple in the Event Industry, pipe and drape is often used as a way to divide space or hide backstage gear from an audience. We like to play with new concepts and see how we can create an impact with our ideas!

Pipe and drape being used as booth dividers at a trade show
Pipe and drape being used as a dramatic set piece
Pipe and drape as an accent wall and pop of color
Pipe and drape being used at the CT Governor's Inaugural Ceremony
A customized drape was used to create this dramatic canopy over the Black & Red Gala



EVENT LIGHTING – It’s probably the most effective way to transform the look of any event.  Ask us about the effective ways you can light up your next event!

Darth Vader and Princess Leia walk arm and arm through the light tunnel at the CT Science Center Green Gala
No signage? No problem! Uplighting and a customized gobo will help achieve this look
A fun display of light, as it shines through some star-themed gobos on the ceiling of a sail-cloth tent
Another beautiful display of how gobos can be used to enhance any event
A perfect mixture of lighting and texture make for an amazing set design


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