Should I spend more on sound or lighting?

These are two key components in an event:  with good sound people clearly hear the presenters and music and get involved in the event, and lighting adds a very dramatic effect.  Here’s the tip:  once you have a good sound system, it doesn’t matter how much more money you spend on it.  The results will still be the same.  Once the sound is great, spending more money on it will not make it any better.

On the other hand, the more you spend on lighting, the better it will look.  You typically start with functional lighting (for stage, buffet, signage), then you can add exterior lighting (entry ways, parking areas), ambient lighting for a warm glow throughout the room, and finally, decorative lighting for décor, large projections (gobo lights) and illuminating the dance floor.  Each layer of lighting adds ambiance and drama.  Go for more lighting and your event will definitely shine.  Unlike sound, you can always continue give the room more impact and drama.

You can see a variety of lighting plans in this month’s article “Photo Showcase: How to Make Your Event Special” and by downloading a free How to Guide on Lighting.

And of course, feel free to contact Event Resources for some timely ideas to make your event special. (860-528-1343 or email



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