Six Special Event Trends for 2014

Event technology continues to change, and bring with it lots of new products and services. What should you focus on? Here’s a quick list of what trends we’re seeing in the special event space for 2014.

Presentations are morphing to the form of TED Talks: short, focused presentations that are high on delivery and staging, and low on PowerPoint slides.  Speakers should engage with their audience as much as possible, inviting questions, comments on Twitter, and postings on social media sites.

High Definition is here to stay.  Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but the impact is immeasurable. With high definition TV commonplace at home, expectations continue to rise.   Standard definition is still appropriate in many situations, but you’ll see the trend for High Definition accelerating.

Live streaming is becoming more popular.  The ability to stream your event to audiences around the town or around the world brings a new dimension to events. Using live streaming for these “hybrid events”, (where there are in-house and online participants) is very cost effective, considering it greatly extends the audience for keynote speakers, conferences, corporate meetings and even high school graduations.  Another added bonus is the event can be recorded and posted on YouTube, websites and social media, leveraging its use for an extended period of time.

Lighting has a significant impact on your event – the more lighting, the more sophisticated the space appears.  LED lighting is now more commonplace as the price is continually decreasing to make it much more budget-friendly.

Unconventional spaces are putting a new interest and twist on events. We’re seeing more special events being held in museums, tents, and municipal facilities. Again, it’s a way to change up the event and make it more interesting for guests.

Events are being booked 50% earlier than before.  That’s a sign that special events budgets are increasing. According to a new study of event planner predictions by Penton Research for Special Events, approximately four in ten respondents (43 percent) expect to stage more special events in 2014, relative to 2013. Just over a third expect their event count to remain the same (37 percent). Only 6 percent expect to stage fewer events in 2014.

In summary, we see 2014 offering event planners more creativity for budgeting new technology, venue selection and presentation delivery – all aimed at providing unique and interesting experiences for attendees.


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