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Our Own Stephanie Famiano Featured in a Commercial for the MS Society

Kudos to Event Resources’ Stephanie Famiano, Production Coordinator, for being selected to appear in a fantastic commercial for the National MS Society, Connecticut Action Network. We are so proud of her and all she does for the MS Society! Catch her television debut here! If you would like to help Stephanie on her quest to raise money […]

How Much Do Speakers Really Cost?

Speakers, as in keynote or celebrity (not the ones that emit sound) are a focal point at any event. Most events are centered around a speaker, so having a professional one that captivates the crowd is critical to the overall success of the event. So how do you find a great speaker? Personal referrals are […]

How long should a handicap ramp be when it’s attached to a stage?

It’s graduation season and this is a commonly-asked question from schools. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific guidelines for handicap ramps. The slope of the ramp shouldn’t exceed 4.8 degrees. Figure one linear foot of ramp for every 1” height in the stage. A 24” high stage would then require a 24’ foot […]

20 Ways to Use Video at Your Next Event

  Video is hot. Very hot. Most people would rather click on a video than look at a still photo. Just look at Facebook and Instagram and see there are as many videos posted as still photos! When it comes to events, the difference is overwhelming. Instead of static images, you can distribute videos through […]

Two Ways to Keep Your Presenter On Time and On Point

Now you can have your presenter use their iPad to manage their PPT presentation. They can hold their iPad to advance slides while walking among the audience. No need to keeping looking back at the screen to see where they are or asking the A/V technician to advance or go back to a slide. They […]