Tips for a Great Lighting Scheme

As with planning any event, the more questions you ask and the more information you have, the smoother the installation and setup will be.  When it comes to lighting, there’s significant information that will make or break a plan.  Here are some questions we ask to ensure a great lighting installation.

  1. Does the facility have sufficient power for the lighting scheme, or will a generator be needed?
  2. What else is sharing the electrical service in the building?
  3. What is the height of the ceiling?
  4. If you need a dark room for a presentation, are there any windows or skylights that need to be covered?
  5. If there are already lights in the room, can they be redirected for your particular setup?
  6. Is there enough time to set up your lighting plan?  Lights take time to set up since poles and trusses may be involved.
  7. Can the room and stage lights be controlled (turned up or down) quickly for video projections?
  8. Where are the lighting controls?
  9. If it’s a union site, are you restricted as to who can hang the lights in the building?
  10. Does your lighting contractor have proper liability and workman compensation insurance?

As you can see, there’s a lot involved in setting up lighting to avoid mishaps. Call me if you have any questions about your lighting plan.

For more information on lighting, download a free Lighting Guide at


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