Here’s a listing of some upcoming webinars you may be interested in!


February 27 Mindful Events & Daily Rituals Inspired by the Season

Spring is almost in the air along with the new beginnings that come with it. Tune in to this February webinar to learn new ways of planning mindful events inspired by the season as well as personal daily rituals of mindfulness for you and your attendees.

March 13 – The Power of Personalization

Every attendee is unique. So why plan a cookie-cutter event?

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to personalize your event
  • The data you need to gather at every stage of the event
  • How to implement personalization

March 14 – Advanced Negotiating—Limiting Liability and Maximizing Contract Concessions

This session trains the planner to locate potential issues, understand the hotel’s approach to contracts and negotiate options that work best for your group.





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