What should I do to prepare “just in case” it rains?

You never know what the weather will be at an outdoor event – and even a slight shower can send people running for their cars.  Create a “Plan B” for inclement weather and you won’t have to worry.


  • Rent a tent with side walls (preferably with windows).  Even if it’s a sunny day, the tent will shield food from the sun and wind and allow people to sit in the shade.
  • Prepare two floor plans: one for a sunny day, one for a rainy day.
  • Set the tent up ahead of time when the ground is dry.

  • Have volunteers ready with umbrellas to escort guests from the parking lot to the tent.
  • Watch out for bugs! Cut the grass and fog the area before the tent goes up.  Offer small cans of bug spray for guests and nix the Citronella candles (the odor is too strong to be around food).
  • Call your event production company to ask about any concerns for electrical and technical connections.


Now you’re prepared with options for various weather conditions.


Reference: Katherine’s Catering- http://katherinescatering.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/emergency-plan-b-preparing-for-rain-at-your-outdoor-event/


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