What’s Your Biggest Event Challenge?

People are usually curious to know if the challenges they are facing in creating events are the same ones that others are experiencing.   Of course, from a vendor point of view, we’d also like to know what’s on our client’s minds.  This helps us understand how to make their events go more smoothly.  So we asked.

During the Fall we exhibited at several area conferences attended by not-for-profit organizations. We were delighted that dozens of people in the event job function answered our survey about their biggest challenges.  Now we’d like to share the results with you.


Question 1:  What is your biggest event challenge?

  • 47% said Low Budget and 40% wanted More Attendees at their events.
  • These areas were followed by presentations, sound, venue location, and food.


Question 2:  Think about your last event.  If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?
This was an open ended question so the respondents filled in their own answers.  These answers were then grouped into categories to make the tabulations easier.  There were two categories that received far more attention than the others:  Program and Volunteers.

Under the Program area, here’s what people would have changed at their last event:

  • Factor in weather.  “The gorgeous day drew many of our attendees outside for lunch when we had an exciting keynote planned indoors.”
  • More seminars
  • Free lunch for attendees
  • Include a live auctioneer
  • More impressive speakers
  • Better entertainment
  • Better sound system

For the area of Volunteers, people emphatically stated the need for more volunteers on all levels, from the Board of Directors to committees and onsite volunteers.

Programming and Volunteers were followed (in order of priority) by:

  • Planning: Start planning sooner, hire an event planner, and allow more planning time.
  • Venues:  Get a bigger venue in a better location, and set up the food service differently.
  • Marketing: Place event info in additional outlets to obtain more attention and attendees.
  • Raising more money:  Sell more sponsorships and target a smaller, more focused donor group.

So there you have it.  Are you experiencing the same challenges as other organizations?  If you are, you’re not alone.  Event Resources will be holding more in-house events and webinars in 2014 to address challenges such as these to aid your event planning process and success.


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