You don’t have to think outside the box… just turn the box around!

Sometimes making an event seem new and refreshed doesn’t have to take a lot of work.  You can just change what you’ve got and to make it seem interesting and different.  Moving the main entrance or using a new seating arrangement can get people’s attention and spark their interest.   Here’s one example.

Sometimes a room re-arrangement comes out of necessity. For instance, we had a big event to set up, but couldn’t get into the venue until the predawn hours.  Not nearly enough time to accomplish a full set up by 8:00 am.  The solution?  By turning the room layout around we could access and set up an important area of the ballroom the evening before.  Then, instead of having the vendor tabletops around the perimeter of the room, they were located all in the back with the food tables. A perfect solution for the venue, the client, our crew and the vendors.  Everyone had access to the room when they needed to, and the layout proved to be advantageous for the guests and vendors.

All it took was turning the room 180° and everything fell into place.

Done and done.


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