Press Conferences


If your event is noteworthy enough to have a press conference, then everything MUST go off without a hitch. Often press events are seen by more people than just the audience in front of you. Because many are broadcasted, live streamed, or both, your presenter must be clearly seen on stage and well lit. And your sound should be flawless.

Did you know that we can patch your presenter through our sound system to enable him or her to address a crowd across the country from a cell phone?

From press risers, lectern and seating to banners, pipe and drape to easels, with our press event checklist, we will help you pull off an impressive event.

This list is only part of what you may need for your next press conference. As with any event, there are many elements in the planning process to consider. Please contact us at 860-528-1343  or to inquire about your specific event planning requirements.  We’re always happy to help out.

When planning your press event, feel free to download the many resources that are available on this website. They include “How-To” Guides on lighting, sound, stages, room layout, draping, graphics, video projection, live streaming and tents, as well as e-books on public relations and how to display the American Flag, plus information about event insurance and a budget worksheet.


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