2016 Trends in Special Events – Now Available in Video



If you missed Mr. Adler’s dynamic information, or would like to review it again (there were so many ideas it was hard to keep up!), his entire presentation has been divided into 15 short, easy to consume videos on YouTube.  Or click here to view individual segments:

  1. Introduction to New Special Event Trends
  2. Why People Attend Events
  3. Attendees Control Everything
  4. Events Are Tribal Gatherings
  5. The Science of Paying Attention 
  6. How to Get People to Do Things
  7. Become a Collaboration Athlete
  8. The Event Industry is the New Town Square
  9. Millennials are Driving New Thinking
  10. The Internet of Everything
  11. How the iPhone Created Story Making
  12. A New Digital Wonderland
  13. It Takes Courage to Be An Event Planner
  14. Cultural Influences in Events
  15. Event Design Trends
  16. Entire Program: 1:21 minutes- New Trends in Special Events

Many thanks to David Adler, Grazia Mohren, VP of Marketing at BizBash and Dan Hincks, CEO of Infinity Hall, for partnering with us to make this event possible!


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