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Audio/Video, Staging, Pipe/Drape, Tables/Chairs, livestreaming/, Virtual Events plus much more


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Read about the 30 year history of our Worry Free Events

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Virtual Events

During the pandemic, virtual events are helping events still happen

Meet our Team

Lee Simmons
Stacy Taylor
Director of Finance & Human Resources
Swain Wallace
Director of Operations
Kate Gage
Senior Project Manager
Billy Montgomery
Project Manager
Margaret Hemmann
Project Manager
Joe Pietrocola
Project Manager / AV Technician
Prince Clarke
Assistant Operations Manager / Crew Chief
DJ Leal
Operations Coordinator / Crew Chief
Tonie Carr
Crew Chief
Kelvin Powell
Operations Crew
Alex Mishler
Operations Crew
Joe Karas
Operations Crew
Brian Smith
Lead AV Technician
Pete Wildermuth
AV Technician
Steve LaPointe
AV Technician
Chris Yeterian
AV Technician
Pete Chester
AV Technician
Josh Lieberman
AV Technician
Brien Woodaman
AV Technician/Operations Crew
Paul Smith
Camera Operator
Kevin Roche
Camera Operator

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