Virtual Events

What is a virtual event? 

This is an event with your guests watching through a live stream instead of attending in person. You are basically turning your event into a television show.  Your attendees are now called viewers. 

An important tip – You can not just take the exact elements of your in-person event and just make it virtual. You have a different type of audience. You will need to adjust your event to fit your new viewers. We will help guide you with this. Our team has over 10 years of experience working in television. We understand how to produce and direct a tv show. 

There are a few different ways to have a virtual event.

  • Live in person with playing back pre-recorded segments.
  • Live virtually with playing back pre-recorded segments.
  • 100% prerecorded

Each of these options has its pros and cons. The thing to consider is what type of look and feel do you want for your event and viewers. 

Live in person event can be a (or a couple) hosts sitting on a set. This set can be either at the Event Resources studio or your office. The set will give the viewers a polished professional look. By having a live in-person host, it will make your event feel like an event, instead of a webinar or a zoom meeting. 

Virtual hosts or guests are good if it is not possible to have the person sitting in a studio.  Proximity is no longer a challenge. It the hosts are virtual, it may look like a normal zoom meeting that viewers are used to seeing all the time. This can be good and bad. 

100% pre-recorded event lets you see the entire event ahead of time. Eliminate any challenges that can happen in a live event.  But it lacks the live feel. It will look like your viewers are watching a TV show. 

You can also have a semi-customizable splash page, which acts as a hub for your event. This can include sponsor recognition, links to your silent auction platform, links for networking sessions, agendas, downloadable information, video messages, etc.  – Our key to this concept and design is making it easy for guests to navigate through. Many virtual platforms are out there with many bells and whistles. We believe in making it very easy and simple for guests to use.  

Please email or call us to discuss your options. We are happy to share links to previous events and demo pages. or 860-528-1343