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5 Reasons Why Charging Stations are a Must for Events

Really, who doesn’t get a little nervous when their phone isn’t charged?  The average person checks their phone 46 times a day, wearing down the battery. Renting a phone charging station for your next event is an absolute necessity and a much appreciated amenity for any guest.  Here are five reasons why charging stations are a […]

25 Ways Speakers Can Help Promote Your Events

There are many zero-budget ways speakers can add value to your next event and make you (and your event) look like a rock star! Take a look at this list—then ask your speakers how they would like to help you promote your event. Before the event, ask your speakers to: Add the event details and […]

How long should a handicap ramp be when it’s attached to a stage?

It’s graduation season and this is a commonly-asked question from schools. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific guidelines for handicap ramps. The slope of the ramp shouldn’t exceed 4.8 degrees. Figure one linear foot of ramp for every 1” height in the stage. A 24” high stage would then require a 24’ foot […]