About Event Resources

Event Production

We believe all event attendees deserve a pleasant experience

Our team strives to make each special event in Connecticut and surrounding areas a success. Event sound systems should be heard well by the guests. Screens and projectors for events should be seen well by the guests. Set and stage design for events should be fitting to the type of event. These factors are important to us. We believe the guests deserve this.

We also want to help event planners not be stressed with the event producion. We can take the worry out of the AV for events. We consult along the way. We ask questions. We brainstorm. We want to help. We want to be invested in the event. We care and are committed to this.

Organizations hire us because they trust us. They know we will guide them through their event. If you need staging for your event, pipe and drape for your event, av for your event, or other needs for your event, we will be there to help you find out exactly what your needs are and work with you as best as possible with you budget.

We are not just a AV vendor. We are your partners.  Both large and small organizations turn to us. Our clients come from many sectors, including nonprofit, corporate, educational, retail, government, and associations.

We have providing special event production in Connecticut for over 30 years. Over 13,000 events.

We are proud of our work, proud of our team, and proud to help the Connecticut community.

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in working with the Event Resources team, please email work@eventresources.com.