Pipe & Drape

Pipe and drape being used as booth dividers at a trade show
Pipe and drape being used as a dramatic set piece
Pipe and drape as an accent wall and pop of color
Pipe and drape being used at the CT Governor's Inaugural Ceremony
A customized drape was used to create this dramatic canopy over the Black & Red Gala
Adding a pop of color to your set enhances the focal point for your audience.

As a staple in the Event Industry, pipe and drape is often used as a way to divide space or hide backstage gear from an audience. We like to play with new concepts often and see how we can create an impact with additional ideas. Whether adding uplighting to create a dramatic effect, creating a spot for a gobo, or playing with color to enhance your focus, pipe and drape is as versatile as you make it.

Pipe and Drape can be used in the following capacities:

  • Tradeshows and Expos
  • Set and stage design
  • Room division
  • Lighting backdrop
  • Utility hides
  • Pop of color
  • Dramatic accents

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