Often times the quality of the sound system for events has one of the biggest impacts on how well people perceive the event. Many people think that just turning up the volume for the couple of speakers at the front of the room is all that is needed for better sound. This is not true.  Turning up the sound will only blast it for the people up front and distort it for the people sitting in the back. If people can’t hear, they tune out the program and don’t enjoy the event.  You can have the best run event with every detail worked out, but a bad sound system can spoil even your best intentions.

Now you can rest easy. When the sound system for your event comes from Event Resources, it’s not a “set and forget it” installation. Our audio engineers evaluate the design of the room, make changes to the sound layout for better acoustics, and place the speakers at their optimum height and spacing throughout the room, taking care to not visually impede the projection screen or décor.

The sound engineer is also instrumental for tuning the system to the different types of media coming through the speakers: music, speeches, video, presentations, etc.  By carefully following the event program, the sound engineer eliminates the feedback and maximizes the volume that’s necessary by carefully and consistently boosting and cutting the appropriate frequencies. This gives a clear, crisp sound to everyone in the room, no matter where they are located.