Lighting can be extremly important or be a major accent to yout next event. If you are video recording, you need to light the stage. The camera doesn’t see like the human eye. It needs more light. If the room is darker, have stage lighting will make the presentation not look lost. It will show clearly where the feature presentation is being held.

Uplights add a fantastic element and accent to your event. It can make the color of the drape pop, light up a dull looking wall, and feature parts of the room. The best part is, uplighting is not an expensive part of an event production. You can get a great look for not a lot of money.

Gobos are are a great element and accent. A gobo is light that shines through a metal or glass piece creating a shape on a wall or a floor. It can shine a name, logo, or design. Do you have a sponsor for your event, how about featuring them as a gobo on the wall? …and like uplighting, GOBO’s are not expensive.

  • Stage Wash
  • LED Up lighting
  • Custom Gobos