Video Projection

When you have PowerPoints, video, website, or other visual elements to show at your event, you will need video projection. These elements help suppliment what is being presenteted. Videos can add emotions. Statistics can add information. 

If your room is really big, you may need I-MAG. I-MAG stands for Image Magnification. A camera focus on the person presenting on stage. The camera shot is seen on the screens. Big venues such as the Connecticut Convention Center will seat guest far in the back. I-Mag will help your guests see the presentation. 

So how big of screens do you need? And do you need one screen or two? The wider the room, will detemine if you need one or two screens. Think about it, if a guest is sitting on the far left, can they see the screen on the far right? That is why you often seen screens on each side of the stage. The size also plays in this factor too. Can the guest see the content on the screen? They is what will tell you what size you need. Don’t worry, we will figure this out with you. 

Projectors have different brightness. Darker rooms don’t need to be as bright. If the room has more light in it, you will need a brighter projector. The projectors consumers buy are not that bright. Professional projectors are needed for an important event. Always ask yourself, how important is it the guest can see the content on the screen. 

Can Projection be used outside. Usually not. The sun makes it hard for the projectors to battle a good visual on the screen. Sometimes under a tent, but it’s still a risk. See our page about LED walls if you have an outdoor event needing visual elements.