4 Reasons you Need Web-based Registration for Your Special Events

Have you thought about the man-hours it takes to manage and track your registrations? Wouldn’t you rather spend more time growing your registrations and providing your attendees with a quality experience? How about real-time reporting – how nice would that be!

An automated and integrated registration system is the answer. Here are the advantages for you and for your attendees.

  1. Quick and easy registration for your participants. Online entry is fast and seamless. Create a hassle free registration experience and make your attendees’ first experience a great one.
  2. Robust reporting. Payments, registrations, demographics, attendee conference schedules, name badges, lodging. It’s hard to keep up! Do away with hand counting forms and manually updating spreadsheets. Up to the minute reports are especially important for those staff meetings in the last days leading up to the event.

Post event performance measurement is equally as critical. You want the ability to analyze data to make improvements for future events and to calculate your return on investments from your event.

  1. Automatic personal and targeted emails. A strategic approach to communications is way more effective than impersonal email blasts.

Put yourself in your registrants’ place: You fill out an online form, enter your credit card number, click the submit button…and then nothing. Was my registration received? Was my card charged?

An automated follow-up email is essential for the success of your event. It will build confidence in your participants and engage them right from the start.

  • Give your attendees peace of mind knowing that their payment has been accepted and space reserved
  • Remind registrants as the event date approaches, give them additional information they’ll need to know before the event
  • Target your communications according to specific categories (i.e. interests, status, geography, education, etc.).
  1. Efficient and effective way to reduce workload and handle details. The advantages listed above will ultimately save you a time and money – and allow you to focus on fine-tuning your event.

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