atTENTion! Using a Tent for Your Next Event?

Tents let people enjoy the outdoors –the  greenery, fresh air and sunshine (or moon shine, as the case may be.)  As with any room, tents can be as plain or elaborate as your budget allows.  Of course, there’s more to ordering a tent than just picking up a telephone.   Think about how you’ll be using the tent.  Then convey your criteria to the event production company so they can recommend the best one for your needs.   Here’s a sample guideline to follow:

  • How big an area is available for the tent?  As a rule of thumb, allow 10 – 20 square feet per person plus an extra 10-15 feet around the perimeter for staking. Note: You may need a permit from local building officials, including approval by the fire marshal and others.
  • Do you want a clear roof to let in more light?
  • Do you need walls for the tent to block the wind, or allow the tent to be air conditioned or heated?
  • Will there be a buffet area, serving stations, kitchen, disposal areas, restrooms, storage areas? That will take up extra space and pipe and drape will be necessary to block these areas off from view.
  • How much space do you want for the dance floor and stage?  Dance floors can cost as much as the tent rental so keep your budget in mind.
  • Where is the wiring and cable located for lighting, sound, video, kitchen appliances, or internet access?
  • What is the path people will use between the parking lot/main building and the tent? Can women in high heels navigate the path safely?  What if it rains and the ground becomes muddy?

Now that you have those questions answered, we can discuss various tent options.

Frame Tents – These are typically less than 5,000 square feet and have an internal frame structure.

Pole Tents – Pole tents come in various sizes and tend to be for large crowds.  Multiple poles create peaks in the roof which are very attractive.  Inside, the poles create visual barriers, so you’ll have to work around them for tables and seating.

Clearspan (Without Center Poles) –Clearspan tents can also accommodate large crowds.  They don’t have interior poles because the structure is based on a load bearing frame that can support lighting, sound and décor.

ClearTop – A clear roof provides a spacious feel as the sky (and stars) show through, giving an open air feeling.  It doesn’t block the sun however, so keep that in mind for a summer outing.

Double Decker – Tents can also come with a second story.  This second story can be used for smaller meetings or a nice viewing section.

Imprinted – For the ultimate branding experience imprint your logo or message across the tent.  Everyone will definitely know you’re there!

There’s even more you can learn about tents which we haven’t touched on here. Click here for the free six-page Guide to Tents .

Or for questions just email and we’ll answer them personally.


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