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I’m having a meeting abroad. Where are the best online sources of foreign destination information like travel warnings, strike announcements, security information, passport requirements, etc.?

For the big picture and ongoing updates, go to From there you can click to the websites of the individual countries U.S. Embassies for a broad range of information. For strike and other notices go to “Recent Embassy Notices” then click” Messages to U.S. Citizens”. You can also register in the consular section of […]

You Want To Do WHAT at Your Event?! Unusual Event Requests

Have an unusual event request?  Don’t worry, if we don’t have it, we’ll know where to find it. Here’s a sample of some unique requests we’ve fulfilled: For a Raiders of the Lost Ark theme we created a huge boulder out of a 6′ diameter beach ball to chase “Indiana Jones” around the stage. Projecting […]

Event Vendor Proposals: Are You Getting Prices For What You Really Need?

We get calls all the time from potential clients about “I need a sound system” or “I need a 10’ stage, or “I need an 8’ projection screen” and request a simple quote. Some A/V vendors are more than happy to do that, in fact, they have prices listed on their websites for different screens, […]

Ask the Expert: Now that it’s the time of year for outdoor parties, is there any kind of outdoor lighting that doesn’t attract bugs?

Next time you’re at the hardware store, take a look at a bug zapper. They are effective because they produce light in the UV and blue light spectrum that bugs can see and are attracted to. Bugs can barely, if at all, see light in the red spectrum. It follows that the warmer the color […]

Ask the Expert: Renting a video projector can range from $300 or more. How do I know I’m renting the right one?

The cost for a projector rental is based on few factors: How bright of an image do you need? The brightness of the projector is determined by the number of lumens, which is amount of light produced. The more lumens, the brighter the image, the more expensive the projector. Darker rooms don’t require as bright […]

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