Bringing in your own liquor to your event or banquet? What are typical corkage fees?

The first thought is “Great!  I can save some money!” But you’re not getting off that easily when you factor in corkage fees.  After all, the event venue still has insurance liability for people drinking liquor on their premises, and servers still have to open, pour and discard bottles, not to mention set out and clean glasses. So there is what is called a “Corkage Fee” to compensate the venue for these expenses.  What is a typical corkage fee?  Here’s some feedback from event planners across the country.   Ask your banquet manager or caterer up front about any extra fees and avoid surprises the day of the event!

$5 – $10 per bottle (Hartford County)

$15 – $20 per bottle (Atlanta, GA)

$6 a bottle for wine and $1 for beer (Portland, OR)

$25 per case of 12 bottles (San Diego, CA)

$16 – $24 per bottle (Minneapolis, MN)

$10-15 per bottle (Niagara Falls, Ontario)


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