Caviar is So-oo Yesterday! Make Your Event Special with the New 2015 Hospitality Trends

Along with an industry outlook, Kevin Kirby, Chairman of the Board of Meeting Professionals International, provided a glimpse into the new, hot trends to make your event special directly from the renowned Andrew Freeman & Company 2015 Culinary Trends Report. Here’s snapshot of what you should see in 2015.

Story Time: Give more information on why attendance at your events is important. Tell your guests a story to immediately engage them in your mission.

Breakfast is not just for breakfast anymore. Gourmet breakfast entrees like savory pancakes are lighter and more interesting, even for dinner.

Chef’s Choice: Let them go crazy! Every Chef has a craving to cook something totally different that’s not on the standard menu. Give into his passion and let him create a special new dish just for your event.

Short Cocktails: Sliders are so popular now because they give you just a small taste of food. Now think beverage sliders. “Short cocktails” are smaller than average, so you can either imbibe a smaller quantity, or try different varieties without guilt.

Food carts are becoming the rage by offering a variety of table side offerings. Not just deserts, but appetizers and samples you can choose from up close.

Soft serve ice cream with all the toppings can make you feel like a kid again.


Get the full report on 2015 culinary trends from Andrew Freeman and Company. Now in its eighth year, AF&Co’s annual trends report has become an industry standard in anticipating market demand and consumer feedback.


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