How do I keep track of my staff or key contractors before and during the event? There are so many things going on at the same time!


In this digital age, there are two options you have to keep in touch with your staff at events.  One is obviously your cell phone.  This ubiquitous tool will get you in contact with virtually anyone, anywhere, and anytime they answer their phone.   The other option is 2-Way Radios (what we used to call Walkie-Talkies) which is what emergency personnel use for their urgent communications.


There are pros and cons of using each type of technology.  Cell phones limit you to contact or text one person at a time, although everyone on your staff has a cell phone.  There are voice charges and battery issues if not everyone has a charged phone.


2-Way Radios may be the better option to communicate to your entire group simultaneously.  This is particularly efficient when relaying information or emergency notices such as trying to locate something or someone on the premises.  However, remember that there are no security or privacy with 2-Way Radios, so be careful what you say.  You never know who will be standing nearby overhearing your conversation.


The range of the newer 2-Way Radios can go from 1 to 5 miles, depending on whether you are indoors, outdoors, and the number of frequency obstructions.  But safe to say that for a large event in a hall, convention center, hotel, school or even a mall, you can cover the location without any worry.

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