New Organization Focuses on Event Safety

The outdoor concert season in 2011 was an unfortunate one.  Three weather-related staging accidents occurred, the most memorable of which was the stage rigging collapse at the Indiana State Fair.  These disastrous events refocused the industry to more closely collaborate on safety issues, as well as create new, wide-reaching guidelines to avoid tragic events in the future.

Thus the Event Safety Alliance (ESA) was founded in 2011 by Jim Digby, a 30+ year veteran of the entertainment industry. ESA provides education and training for event safety through webinars, events and a new Event Safety Guide that will be available shortly.

Currently over 2,000 event professionals (including event producers, venue owners/operators, municipalities, service firms and Event Resources) participate in the Alliance to insure all technical, planning and communications are dedicated to insuring the safety of clients.


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